Immochan Portugal inaugurates Merenda 6000, the new restaurant area concept

27 September 2016

Immochan Portugal inaugurated on Friday, September 23, a new concept of restaurant area at Alegro Castelo Branco shopping center.

The new space, called Merenda 6000, has a unique style, where all the individual units have a common image, resulting in a cosmopolitan and urban experience. This unique concept is the first in this part of the country and the first to be developed this way inside a shopping center in Portugal. Merenda 6000 intends to reach out for a younger audience and reinforce the edgy attitude of the brand positioning. This opening intends to cross with the leisure concepts already present in the shopping center, the cinema Cinebox complex, the Vila Fraga children entertainment store and the Bowling concept.

Merenda 6000 was created to be “[…] more than a dining room. It is a convenient and welcoming place throughout the day, in which we can receive young people from the close by universities who come to study in the afternoon, for example” said Cristina Roxo, director of the shopping centre.

The opening ceremony took place with the presence of the Mayor of Castelo Branco, Luís Correia.

“Alegro has done an excellent job in what we call adaptation to reality. In times of crisis, Alegro, instead of fleeing the area has grown by betting on solutions for the region.” Luís Correia

Events related to the Merenda 6000 continue during October and we will host showcooking sessions with personalities of Portuguese cuisine (Filipa Gomes, from the TV channel 24 Kitchen, cooking bloggers, and a mediatic participant of Junior Masterchef Portugal).