Lilo, Epinay-sur-Seine Shopping Centre

Commercial locations full of life

Managing over 400 Shopping Centres in 12 countries in Europe and Asia, Immochan company is presently one of the leading enterprises on the European real estate market for large commercial centres.

For over 40 years, Immochan has perfected its skills in creating and managing commercial real estate – starting from investment project, through design, marketing, management and promotion of Shopping Centres to dynamic asset management. On all these stages of investment, Immochan follows elaborate values that come from company’s history and experience of its employees.

Creating a bond with renters is the most important aspect of market success of Immochan Shopping Centres.

All Immochan objects possess attractive commercial features, including strategic location, original concepts and leading brands that offer highest quality products.
Immochan cares about honest relations, that are basically knowledge exchange between all partners, renters, contractors. The company supports them daily when it comes to balanced development, in the context of rapidly changing market trends and consumers’ behavior.

Together with Auchan, Immochan generates maximum number of customers visiting Shopping Centres in a best possible way.



381 shopping centres in 12 countries

Western Europe >> 182

Spain >> 31
France >> 96
Italy >> 45
Luxembourg >> 1
Portugal >> 9

Eastern Europe >> 103

Hungary >> 18
Poland >> 22
Romania >> 23
Russia >> 37
 Ukraine >> 3

Asie >> 96

China >> 74
 Taiwan >> 22

*Figures at 31/12/2016

Immochan surprises its customers with moments of friendliness and innovative experiences. Out of the ordinary promotions help to make dreams come true.  So many reasons above and beyond shopping to keep coming back.


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